Life Update

It has been an embarrassing long time since I last wrote a blog post! Life got so busy. Chris is working from home while balancing school full-time and I am working part time from home having taken on some additional responsibilities while continuing my stay at home mom duties which equals a recipe for ignoring this blog. I feel like I have finally caught up on work so I can devote more time to this little space on the internet. Here’s what’s been going on the past couple months…


  • I started working as a case manager. This now requires that I be on the phone during business hours. I had to scramble to find a desk (a hot item these days) that also went well with our living room decor.
  • We went to Pinetop to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I will have a blog post that recaps our weekend getaway on Wednesday.
  • I continued to work on my Beautycounter business and had my best month yet!
  • We visited Reid Park Zoo.


  • Celebrated Emilia’s 3 year birthday with a trip to the Desert Museum. Her gift from us was this bike!
  • Celebrated Benjamin’s birthday with a cake smash. He crushed it!
  • We dressed up as characters from Toy Story and went trick-or-treating.

Our days are normally just filled with work-school-work and child rearing. While some days were able to have a perfect day of enriching activities while getting all of our work done other days are spent in pure survival mode.

Now that it is no longer 100+ degree days I’m looking forward to going on more hikes and adding more outdoor activities to our schedule.

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