Sedona: Social Distancing Edition

Good morning everyone! We just got back from a relaxing weekend in Sedona! After 3 months of just being at home, we needed a change of scenery. I’m grateful for the ability to stay home but it can wear on you after awhile. Arizona is technically re-open but with the recent news of our surge, we wanted to still play it safe. We brought wipes to clean door knobs and surfaces of our AirBnB, packed our own groceries, cooked all of our meals at home, and chose activities where we could maintain an appropriate social distance. I can already tell a difference in my mood and patience even though we’ve returned to the world of staying home, neighborhood walks, and grocery pick ups.


Chris had a final exam at 6am the morning we planned to leave for Sedona, Arizona. While he took his exam, Benjamin napped while I cleaned our house. Anyone else have to clean before they leave on a vacation? There’s nothing better than returning to a sparkling home.

We left around 11am and grabbed a happy meal for Emilia and burgers for us. It’s really the only stop on the way to the interstate from our house. I’m not complaining. The drive is about 3.5 hours and we actually made it straight through! I pumped while driving so I could feed Benjamin a bottle. Emilia and Benjamin slept most of the way. They did so well!

Our first stop was Page Springs Cellars. I tried their wine at the Off the Vine Festival and have always wanted to visit their estate. I looked it up ahead of time and saw while the tasting room was closed, they had a picnic window where you could order a bottle of wine, snack boards, and even mason jar cheesecakes to enjoy along their property. They have a deck overlooking the vineyard, a deck overlooking the creek, and various tables dispersed along the property. We were able to enjoy a glass from our bottle of rosé away from other people. I hear it gets crowded on the weekends so try to go on a week day!

The view from our AirBnB

After leaving the winery, it was time to check into our AirBnB. We unpacked, got settled, and ended up grilling steaks for dinner and hanging out for the rest of the night.


We enjoyed a slow moving morning… as slow as it can be with a toddler and a baby. My wishlist for the weekend was to visit Page Springs and go on a hike. Our AirBnB was in walking distance to the Sugarloaf Trailhead so after breakfast, we headed out for a hike. It was about 2 miles of hiking which was perfect as Benjamin started fussing 5 minutes from home.

I uncovered Benjamin for the picture but he was shaded the rest of the time.

The AirBnB had a kiddie pool so after the hike we ate lunch and set up the pool for the kiddos to cool off. Everyone ended up taking naps in the afternoon. For dinner we grilled bräts and enjoyed the rest of our wine from Page Springs.


We originally planned to drive through the Out of Africa Safari Park but noticed it was walk-through only on weekends. We didn’t want to go to a crowded place or be out in the heat for hours so we ended up driving home. We hope to come back in the fall!

While we didn’t do too many things on this trip, it was nice to have a change of scenery and relax with the fresh air. Back home, the air is pretty smoky from the Bighorn Fire. My heart breaks for the damage being done to the Catalinas. I’m truly appreciative of the firefighters, hotshots, and first responders battling the fire! Cross your fingers for monsoon season to pickup so they can catch a break.

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