Newborn Product Recommendations

When I first found out I was pregnant with Emilia, the list of baby products I was told I needed was daunting. I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the registry checklists with 100s of items. Did I really need all this stuff? I was at a point in my life where I was turning my focus to quality over quantity, decluttering and organization, and trying to save a little money as I knew I’d be reducing my hours after having Emilia.

I soon decided I would limit my registry to things we needed the first few months and then space out our purchases from there. I wanted to share my list of products that worked well for both Emilia and Benjamin for the first few months – also known as the fourth trimester.

The Essentials

Stroller + Car seat – We went to Buy Buy Baby and tested out all the strollers. We kept coming back to this one even though I wanted to not like it! The price is a little steep but 3 years later, I don’t regret my purchase. It glides like a dream and the basket can store so many things! Just the other day I fit my daughter’s balance bike in the basket when she got too tired on our walk. We use the rumble seat attachment for the double stroller capability.

Halo Bassinest – This is my #1 needed item. Both of our kids slept in this on my side of the bed for the first few months. It offers easy access for those middle of the night wake-ups, white noise, vibrations, music, a light, and a 30 minute timer for breastfeeding. (Tip: Buy an extra fitted sheet for use while the other is in the wash). Also, don’t forget to check Facebook marketplace! I see a lot of Halo Bassinests in great condition listed for $100-150 because people typically use them for a few months. It also has great resale value so you can gain most of your money back.

Halo Sleepsack – No matter how many times the nurses showed us how to swaddle with a loose blanket, we could not master this skill! Enter in the halo sleep sack with its Velcro wings to help us with swaddling. I purchase two to have on hand when the inevitable spit up or blowout happened. We love these and even use the wearable blankets when baby is older!

Boppy Lounger – We used this every day. It’s a supportive pillow you can place your baby when you need a free hand. I would usually nurse Emilia and Benjamin and place them here on the couch for supervised naps. You never want to leave your baby unattended in these.

Breastfeeding Supplies

Nipple cream – I know, not the most glamorous product but it’s a necessity if you’re going to breastfeed. I used this after every feeding session for the first two weeks. I didn’t need any after that so I had a lot left over. I don’t recommend buying a huge size. Also, the lactation consultants at the hospital may have some samples.

Breastfeeding pillow – I used one made by Boppy which seems to be discontinued now. I liked that it had a buckle so you could secure the pillow around your back. I’ve heard great things about the My Brest Friend and it looks like it has a buckle and a drink holder!

Haakaa – I didn’t buy this until I had Benjamin and it was my biggest regret not having it with Emilia. It’s a great passive way to build up your milk stash without having to deal with hooking up a pump. I was able to freeze about 100oz of milk by just catching the let down on the opposing breast for the first 6-8 weeks.

Lanisoh storage bags and milk storage – I’ve used these bags for six months now and haven’t had a leak. I like these organizers for upright storage in the freezer. I lay my bags flat then stand them up once frozen.

Avent Newborn Starter Set – I registered for this because it came with 4oz and 6oz bottles, a bottle-washing brush, and the soothie pacifiers. Both of my kids took to the bottles without a fight.

Boon Drying Rack – I liked having a separate rack from our regular dishes.

Daily Use Items

Sleepers – We really love the cloud island footies because of the reverse zipper capability. It zips from top to bottom so you don’t have to undress baby all the way during those middle of the night diaper changes.

Bath – We’ve used this one because we love the newborn sling and we love the fact you don’t have to use as much water compared to the regular tub.

Baby Toiletry Gift Set I was lucky where Emilia did not have any skin problems as a baby. With Benjamin, I constantly battled dry skin and redness. I finally bought this gift set when he was 2-months old. I use the balm daily and the oil after every bath. His skin has never been so soft! If you are buying this as a gift, Beautycounter offers a nicely packaged gift set.

Piano gym – When our babies outgrow the Boppy lounger, this becomes their new favorite thing. It comes with a mirror and hanging toys to captivate their interest. This thing is usually how I’m able to make dinner or do a quick cleaning spree. I recommend checking Facebook marketplace because I’ve seen these listed for cheap in great condition.

Baby carrier – Emilia didn’t like the carrier too much but Benjamin loved this one! It’s great for running errands (I’ll have Emilia sit in the cart and wear Benjamin) and going along for activities.

We loved using the registries as a personal shopping checklist and for the completion discounts. With Emilia, we used Buy Buy Baby and for Benjamin, we used Target. We had great customer service with both but I found the coupon booklet from Target to be very useful! It even had some coupons for Starbucks.

Were there any must-have products I missed on the list? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Newborn Product Recommendations

  1. Love this.!
    I also used most of the items with Elena and I know that I would use them again if we ever have a seconf baby or just do the crib like with Elena? hehehehe. Great suggestions.!


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