Easter Basket Ideas

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Good afternoon! I hope every one is staying healthy and sane during this whole social distancing and quarantine ordeal. Easter is going to be so weird this year. My parents live 5 minutes away from us but we won’t be able to spend the holiday with them. I am extremely grateful for my family and friend’s health but it still can be disappointing to miss out on social activities! I am trying to keep up some normalcy for us and the kids so I wanted to still make them Easter baskets, do an arts & craft, and maybe cook a traditional Easter dinner if my online grocery order goes through! *crosses fingers*

I started picking some things out at the beginning of March before COVID-19 really hit the US hard. I realized last week I only had 1-2 items per basket. There has been such a huge push to shop local. While we do our best to support local businesses when able, we can always do better. I hate to admit I probably would have just browsed Target to find what I needed for the baskets but I wanted my money to go towards a local business.

Selecting Mildred and Dildred was a no-brainer. When we have birthdays and Christmas, I always go to their store because I love the availability of toys and their free gift wrap! Seriously, they wrap it at check-out for you at no extra cost! It’s that simple. They carry an abundance of stuffed animals, books, wooden toys, STEM toys, pretend play, puzzles, games, arts & crafts – you name it and they have it for kids of all ages.

If Easter is not your thing, they have curated ‘Isolation Survival Kits‘ for infants through 12-year olds. They have games, toys, books, and even a family game night option. When you are confined to your home and backyard, these kits are lifesavers.

Right now Mildred and Dildred are offering curb-side pickup along with free delivery on purchases over $30!


I chose a soft jelly cat bunny (not local?)for Benjamin and an egg sorter (he’ll probably use this at a later time). I happened to buy a copy of ‘Pat the Bunny‘ earlier in March. It’s a classic sensory book for the littles. We had this book for Emilia but it’s seen better days. I also purchased a bunny finger puppet book. Benjamin had some toys from Christmas that he is old enough to play with now so I threw a ball in for good measure – he won’t remember, right? 😉

For Emilia, I bought the Monkey Around Game (not local?), a mini chick, a memory/go-fish card game from Mildred and Dildred. I found some un-opened activity books and bath bombs to throw in the basket as well. It had been a year or so since we’ve bought any bath toys so I was able to find a fishing game from Target.

When it came time to fill the baskets, instead of using plastic or paper grass, I opted to buy two playsilks to line each of the baskets. I purchased the emerald and lime colors. After I made my purchase, Sarah’s Silks released their Easter collection which included an Easter grass silks in beautiful pastel colors.

I really like this option because it’s reusable, cuts down on plastic use, and it’s more of an open-ended toy that can be used throughout the year! We have the rainbow silk from Emilia’s birthday and she plays with it everyday!

You’ve still got time to do some Easter shopping. Mildred and Dildred have a turnaround time of one-business day. When I made my purchase, my order was delivered the next day. With the information quickly changing in this age, I’d recommend checking their instagram for an updated information! Right now, they are uploading virtual storytimes daily to watch with your children.

Are you looking for a bonus activity to do with your child?

I’m planning on using this DIY Paint it Yourself Wooden Egg kit this weekend with Emilia and using the eggs we decorate for an Easter hunt the following weekend.

Stay safe out there,


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