St. Patrick’s Day Play Date

Today Emilia and I hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Play Date for our friends. It was nice to socialize and have people over especially because some of her activities were on spring break this week. I was also finally feeling confident to host at our house after having Benjamin in October.

Excited for her friends to come over

I decided to do the play date about a month ago. I picked up themed paper plates, napkins, and a shamrock banner at Target. I also already had green fabric napkins so I put those out for use as well.

For snacks I made a rainbow fruit platter with a bowl of goldfish crackers and a bowl of chocolate coins as the pot of gold, cheese and cracker board, and apple-zucchini muffins! I was lucky that a couple friends volunteered to bring some items as well. We had lucky charm rice krispie treats and St. Patrick’s Day trail mix. This made for a great to-go snack.

I originally wanted to do a fun craft or art project but time got away from me with Benjamin’s sleep regression and general busyness at work. Here are a few ideas I had:

– Pin the cloud on the rainbow. I thought it would be a great idea to have a cloud with each kids name and have them pin it on the rainbow blind-folded. This would have made a cute backdrop for a photo as well!

– Sensory bin with kinetic sand with some green items and shamrock toys.

– Paint your own shamrock. With this activity, you could put a shamrock shaped canvas with squirts of paint in a plastic bag to have the kids paint their canvas. Easy and mess-free!

Typing that out made me a little bummed I didn’t make it happen but there’s always next year, right?

These Saint Patricks Day Irish Shamrock Head Poppers were perfect favors for the kiddos!

We had so much fun and now we’re off to relax for the rest of the day!

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