Day trip to Cannon Beach

This upcoming week marks 2 years since Chris and I took a spontaneous trip to Cannon Beach / The Oregon Coast. Before having kids, Chris and I loved to go on random day trips and weekend trips. We always talked about how cool it would be once we could bring our kids on our adventures. The first few months of parenting kicked our ass. At this time, we were just coming out of the 4-month sleep regression and hitting our stride while Emilia was on a reliable routine. Fortunately she did not mind the car and took great car naps.

This trip is one of my favorite memories so I wanted to write it down before I forgot the details. Going on this trip made me feel like even though I was a mom now we could still travel and do the things we love.

Our first stop was De Garde Brewing in Tillamook, Oregon. Chris had heard about their farmhouse-style beers and wanted to buy a few bottles. They did not allow minors so Emilia and I walked around and discovered Pelican Brewing. Luckily they did allow minors and we were able to grab a bite to eat. Chris ordered their fish and chips and I had a smoked salmon salad.

After grabbing brews (for Chris) and lunch, we headed to Blue Heron Cheese Company. In the front of the store they had a barn with pigs, goats, chickens, and even a peacock! We loved showing Emilia the animals. Inside the store, Blue Heron offered an assortment of deli meats and cheeses, jams, ice cream, and chocolates along with specialty home wares and kitchen accessories. We shared the 5 wines for $5 tasting. I highly recommend stopping here if you find yourself in Tillamook!

Next on our list was The Tillamook Factory! We love their cheese and ice cream and heard you could try different flavors not available in stores.

When we visited the factory was under a major renovation. Tillamook set up a makeshift visitors center which was really nice! They provided samples of cheese along with explanations of the process of making the cheese from farm to factory. My favorite part was the ice cream! After sampling the flavors, I decided on Malted Moo Shake which was a malted vanilla with huge chocolate chunks. Chris tried one of experimental flavors with bourbon and toffee.

Haystack Rock

From a Tillamook to Cannon Beach is about an hour drive. When Emilia was due for her nap we left Tillamook and headed for Haystack Rock. the weather was nice and sunny but it was still pretty cold. The beach is one of my favorite places so I was very happy I got to show Emilia the ocean and sand! We spent about an hour or so walking down the shore and dipping our toes in the deep blue waters

We moved onto Seaside and wandered around the shops and took a walk on the boardwalk. It was starting to get a little late so we did not spend too much time here. The sandy shore and tall grass reminded me a little of the Outer Banks from when I took beach vacations with my family.

Our last stop of the night included a dinner at Fort George Brewery in Astoria. They offered a full range of their beers paired with wood-fires pizzas. Chris had a beer, I had a glass of wine, and we split a pizza and pizookie. It was the perfect ending to the trip!

We made it home by 11pm. While a day trip is doable I do recommend planning to stay at least one to two nights. We decided to go that morning and while we did pack a bag for an overnight trip, there was absolutely no availability anywhere along the coast. It’s a very popular destination!

I’ll treasure these memories forever!

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