Sedona Recap | Feb 2019

Work and pregnancy got in the way of me working on this re-cap. We took this trip on February 15, 2019. Better late than never!

Whenever it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day, Chris and I agree that we’d rather gift each other experiences than material items. We decided to book a family getaway to Sedona! I had always wanted to visit as the pictures looked absolutely beautiful! In addition to celebrating Valentine’s Day, we had just found out I was pregnant five days before our trip. The margaritas and wine-tasting would have to wait until next visit.

Chris took a half-day off work and after lunch, we headed up to Sedona around Emilia’s nap time. We lucked out and she napped the whole 3-and-a-half hours. We checked into our casita at A Sunset Chateau. We chose this property because the casitas offered a separate bedroom and living area. We wanted to be able to put Emilia to sleep and afterwards hang out for the night. After checking into our room, we walked around the property. The views were beautiful, the landscape was adorned with interesting statues and decor, and Emilia loved running off her excess energy from sleeping in the car.


We headed over to Elote Cafe for dinner about thirty minutes before they opened. They don’t take reservations so customers line up outside the restaurant hoping to get first seating. As luck would have it, the people in front of us got the last table. We placed our name on the list and walked around the courtyard. The restaurant shares grounds with a hotel so we were able to post up and keep warm by a fire pit. We waited about 45 minutes until we were seated.

We ordered a Green Corn Tamal to share, a quesadilla for Emilia, Smoked Brisket Enchiladas for me, and the Smoked Pork Cheeks for Chris. The tamal was delicious and Chris won for ordering the best entrée. While we were finishing up our food, we snuck a peek at the table next to us as they had ordered dessert. I wish I hadn’t been too full. Next time we go back I will be getting the Smoked Pork Cheeks and saving room for the Mexican Chocolate pie.


After dinner, we retired to our room for the night.


A Sunset Chateau includes breakfast each day of your day. On Saturday we enjoyed a made-to-order omelette before embarking to explore Sedona. Our first stop was to marvel at Chapel of the Holy Cross. It was built into the red rocks and is quite a sight to see. We arrived around 9:30am and the parking lot was already filling up. Before we knew it, it was time for Emilia’s nap. She takes great car naps so we decided to drive along the scenic byway.


After Emilia took an hour nap, we stopped in the main shopping district. We checked out the toy store, souvenir shops, and viewed the art installations.


We had lunch at Oak Creek Brewery then walked around the shops at Tlaquepaque. I loved looking at all the glass sculptures and paintings. It was almost time for Emilia’s nap so we stopped at Sunset Park. This is a great park because they’ve got two separate playing areas – one for toddlers and one for bigger kids. There’s also a nice walking trail that surrounds the park. Once it started to drizzle, we hopped back in the car and drove along the Upper Red Rock loop while Emilia took her afternoon nap.


When she woke up, we stopped at Sedona Beer Co so Chris could check out the local craft beer scene. For dinner we decided to just get a smorgasbord of items from the Whole Foods hot bar. We weren’t terribly hungry and Emilia was getting a little restless so we didn’t think we’d enjoy eating out. We hung out in the room for the rest of the night.

On Sunday, Emilia woke us up around 6am. The B&B didn’t serve breakfast until 8:30am so we decided to check out Sedonuts and get some coffee. We walked the property grounds until it was time for breakfast. We each had a breakfast burrito and they brought out some oatmeal and fruit for Emilia. After breakfast, we checked out of our room and headed home.


Throughout our whole stay, the weather was pretty dreary with sleet, rain, and some breaks of sun. I knew it was a risk going in February but we still had fun exploring a new place. I’m hoping to go back next Spring or Summer to take advantage of all the hiking trails and do some wine tasting!

On the List for Next Time:

Out of Africa Wildlife Park We drove by the exit to this attraction on the way up and think Emilia would love it when she’s a bit older.

Page Springs Winery We’ve had a few friends visit this winery.

Slide Rock State Park Since it was February and 40 degrees, we didn’t feel like sliding down the rocks and we weren’t even sure it was open to do that.

Any kid-friendly hikes My ideal day always includes a hike, good food, and relaxation. I hope to explore a few trails on our next visit.

Bye-bye, Sedona. See you next time!



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