New Years Resolutions


Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s the perfect time of year to review and set some goals. Although I love to set goals throughout the year, I love the feeling the new year brings of a fresh start. Here are some resolutions/goals I’ll be working on this year:


Train for the Rock n’ Roll San Diego Marathon and run it in 2:10 (10 minute/mile pace.)

Incorporate imaginative, open-ended and creative play into our daily routines for Emilia and Benjamin. This can be sensory play, arts & crafts, and whatever other ideas I find on Pinterest.

KonMari our house. I read the book in the beginning of 2018 and fell in love with the process. After moving to AZ, I need to redo it and implement some organization in our home. I’ve been thinking of creating a Youtube channel to document the process. I’m obsessed with watching cleaning/organization videos. Nothing motivates me more than seeing how clean and easy it is to maintain their homes!


Hike among the Red Rocks in Sedona. We visited in February when we saw rain, sleet, and freezing temps. We’re hoping to make it back in April-May when the weather is warm enough to hike with Emilia and Benjamin.

Tying in to our Sedona goal, I’d like to spend some time exploring Arizona. I’m intrigued by the annual pass offered by AZ State Parks & Trails. The desert truly is a beauty and I’m a sucker for a good weekend trip!

Return to the PNW for a visit. Our good friends are getting married in November and we’d love to spend a good week up there returning to our old haunts – Pike Place Market (I could spend the day wandering and eating the delicious food from the local vendors), wine tasting in Woodinville, a delicious seafood dinner, and maybe a hike or two if the weather is agreeable.


Pay off our car. We upgraded from my tiny corolla to a CRV when my A/C broke in March 2019. With Emilia starting preschool in the fall, we’d like to clear that monthly payment from the car to make extra room in our budget for tuition.

Continue maxing retirement accounts. 401k for Chris and a Roth for me.

Contribute to 529s for both kiddos. My parents paid for my college tuition and it has made a huge difference in feeling financially secure. From minimum wage jobs to where I am now, I’ve always felt truly lucky my school was paid. I hope to give my kids the same benefit in life!


Finish furnishing and decorating our living room. I’d love to replace the curtain rods and curtains as well as create a gallery wall between the living room and dining nook.

Paint the entire upstairs level (sorry, Chris!). When we purchased our house, there was no paint on the upper level. There are lots of scuffs and areas where the kids drew on the wall. We’ve painted the nursery, Emilia’s room, and the guest room – and it’s made such a difference. We just need to do the loft, hallway, bathrooms, and our master.

Create a patio dining space. Arizona has such great weather for dining al fresco. We need to figure out how to make room for a dining set and get rid of the mosquitoes in our backyard.

I’ll come back to this post at the end of the year and see how much we accomplish.


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